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I’m thrilled to have been invited by my friends at The Pleasure Project to be their first ever guest blogger. This is the second collaboration between myself and The Pleasure Project; the first being the recently concluded International Confernce on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP9) in Bali, Indonesia.


Our first guest blogger: Ana Santos

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We’re incredibly happy to have the wonderful Ana Santos as our first Pleasure Project guest blogger. Ana will join us once a week during the month of November to give her thoughts on sex, pleasure, lovin’… whatever strikes her fancy.

Who is Ana?Ana and Condom Man

Ana is a freelance journalist based in Manila, Philippines. She writes mostly about sex & relationships and gender-based issues. In her articles, she strives to prove that those topics are two entirely different things!

Amazed that she has been able to write about sex in the Philippines, a devoutly Catholic country, for the last five years, she pushes the envelope further by diversifying this scintillating topic into advocacy on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and safe pleasurable sex.

Ana’s full-length features and essays have been published in men’s magazines like Manual, UNO and Playboy; and in the Philippine editions of Marie Claire and Women’s Health.

Ana received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines.

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The Courtly Pleasures of Safer Sex

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The Moulin Rouge suite The Moulin Rouge suite features lavish velvet and gold decor. 

What is your deepest, most secret sexual fantasy?

Is it to have super mutant powers like the X-Men?
Or is it be a quirky spy like Austin Powers who always had enough mojo for a shag?
May be you’re the type to whom power is an aphrodisiac?
Or the amorous kind who falls to their knees with the sublime seduction of an iconically romantic place?

Whatever your fantasy, there is a place where you can live out these fantasies — as well as some choice others — with total abandon and release. (pun intended)

This place is none other than Victoria Court, a chain of uber high-end motels.

A Note on Motels

Before going any further into describing this almost mythical place where desire and fantasy come together; a word about “motels” – a word, which in itself, already has backstreet connotations.

In my city of Manila, you will see strategically tucked away in various parts of the city motel signs. When I first moved here, I began to notice the distinct difference between these motels to the ones in the States where the truckers would stay for a night to grab some sleep eye. The signs shouting out, “Special 2 hour quickie rate” should be an indication that these places are not exactly for catching some zzz’s.


Each suite (this is the X Men Suite) is equipped with a jacuzzi. Each suite (this is the X-Men Suite) is equipped with a jacuzzi. 

The mode of check-in is also another indicator. You never have to leave your car to get a room. Once you drive in, you are greeted by the concierge/room boy who will ask what your room preference (standard, regular, deluxe or suite) and then proceed to lead you to a covered single car garage.

Checking out is much the same, you call for your bill which will be brought to your room. You will never have to learn the confines of your room to check out. When you’re ready to leave, the garage door will magically open only when the room boy has heard you turn on the engine.

Victoria Court has successfully managed to make itself that proverbial cut above the rest by combining both luxury and fantasy with their themed suite rooms — without losing out on any aspect of privacy and discretion.

Any fantasy your heart desires

The bedroom in the X Men Suite The bedroom in the X-Men Suite 

You can choose your themed suite room as you would chose the fantasy you want live out. There’s the X-Men suite with sleek grey walls complete with the big grey X in a circle that juts out from just behind the bed.

There’s the Austin Powers suite all made out in psychedelic blues and reds for some all-out fun shagging. There’s a small elevated stage in front of a mirror for some role-playing fun and a cage where you can sway, gyrate and…since two people can actually fit inside the cage, you can get pretty imaginative about getting physical.

In the Oval Office, which is quite literally a presidential suite, an impressive facsimile of the US presidential seal is on the floor of well, yes, a replica of the Oval Office. The room, resplendent in white, with plush thick curtains and tufted sofas is the perfect place for anyone who wants to know what it feels like to be in the seat (or bed) of power.

The Moulin Rouge suite is lavishly cozy with its plush velvet, purple and gold décor. There’s even a swing in one nook of the suite perfect for some undulating action.

The latest addition to Victoria Court’s themed rooms is The Venetian which re-creates the ambiance of the one of most romantic cities in the world. The ceiling is painted to look like a perfect blue sky  and masks reminiscent of Venice’s Carnival Festival adorn the room. But in the center of the room is an actual gondola docked in a small canal (yes, complete with water), which elicits an overpowering temptation to rock the boat.

The Venice suite replicates life in Italy The Venice suite replicates life in Italy 

Each super suite room comes complete with a Jacuzzi and is like a stage to not just act, but all-out perform your fantasies and savor each moment of making them your own reality. It is exactly this indulgent scenario of make-believe set against opulent surroundings that make Victoria Court patrons loyally come back for more.

With amenities to match!

The Venician suite includes a gondola floating in a canal! The Venetian suite includes a gondola floating in a canal! 

A few years ago, I noticed another detail added to Victoria Court rooms, and not just the super suite ones. Condoms. Back in the olden days, one would have to call room service to request condoms. But now, condoms are neatly tucked in the bathroom toiletries. One only has to call room service now if the original condom allocation, is um, well, not sufficient.

During the unveiling of The Venetian suite, I got to meet one of the owners of Victoria Court who told me that the inclusion of condoms in their hotel’s basic toiletry kit is part of their initiative to support safe sex.

Victoria Court began running an HIV-AIDS advocacy campaign called “Spread the Love, Not the Virus” three years ago for simple and practical reason: “We run a motel business. Our customers go to us to get intimate with their partners, we have to be responsible,” they said on the stophiv website.

Now, that is making fantasy, pleasure and safe sex come together in a totally breath-taking, mind-shattering, knee-wobbling orgasmic way.

Ana Santos is a freelance journalist based in Manila, Philippines.
She writes mostly about sex & relationships and gender-based issues. In her articles, she strives to prove that those topics are two entirely different things!

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