Know The Legal Rights Of Working Moms

Know The Legal Rights Of Filipino Working Moms

When one moves from working girl to working mom, she will be entitled to certain benefits under various laws. These rights and benefits are designed to make the transition to motherhood smoother.

by Ana P. Santos

you run a business, you most likely work with and employ women. Know that they are entitled to legal rights and benefits to help them tackle their many roles.

If you’re an expectant mom or a working mom, understanding your rights and benefits is a good start to balancing the demands of both work and children.

Basic rights and benefits

Pregnant working girls are entitled to, under law and if conditions apply, a maternity leave, maternity benefits, and even hospital coverage when giving birth.

Do note that while these are stipulated by law or the governing agencies (i.e. the Social Security System and PhilHealth), your own company policies may vary. Be sure to verify company stipulated policies with your boss or the Human Resources department.


Laws that apply to working moms

Several laws have been passed that aim to support the wellness of women, in general, and of moms, specifically, at the workplace.

Among them are the:

Magna Carta of Women, which is an all-encompassing, comprehensive law that protects a wide range of women’s rights from employment to education;

the Solo Parent Welfare Act, which provides special benefits for parents and guardians who are the sole primary caregiver of children under 18;

and the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009 or RA 10028, that allows and empowers lactating mothers with support and facilities to express their milk in their work place.



Ana Santos was Assistant Vice President of a multi-national bank until she decided to hang up her stilettos and give up the corporate job when she realized that her daughter had grown up and she almost missed it. Now, she is an award winning public health journalist and sexual health advocate. These days, she’s chasing and writing stories in between soccer games (and thoroughly enjoying it). Follow her on Twitter: @iamAnaSantos.
Infographic design by Ana Chavez.
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