[DASH of SAS] Going back to the basics to prevent infertility

MANILA, Philippines – Conception has been made less difficult for couples due to the number of medical breakthroughs in the field of reproductive science. There is “assisted reproductive technology” which involve manipulation of both the sperm and the egg; there are also early interventions such as drugs that stimulate the production of eggs. (READ: When conceiving […]

Cervical cancer: The challenge of prevention

BY ANA P. SANTOS MANILA, Philippines – Every day there are 12 Filipino women who die from cervical cancer. In 2007, this number was 10. Because cervical cancer is often detected in its late stages, the mortality rate is high. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the Philippines, cervical cancer ranks as the 2nd […]

[Dash of SAS] ‘The wet and the dry’

By Ana P. Santos “When you’re wet, a baby you will get. When you’re dry, the sperm will die.” That isn’t a spiffy campaign slogan. That is the summation of the sex education that I, together with my other classmates, received in high school. The class was taught by a nun and, if my memory […]

‘Imposing misery’ among Manila residents

This article was originally published in Rappler. By Ana Santos MANILA, PHILIPPINES — “It makes us happy to have a lot of children in the house,” Rosalie Cabinyan says in Filipino. “There is endless laughter and cheer with all of them moving about.” “I guess the only time it gets difficult is during eating time. There’s […]

IRIN News: Faces of HIV grow younger

This article was originally published in the IRIN News website on March 8, 2011. MANILA, 8 March 2011 (PlusNews) – Newly reported HIV infections among young people have increased 10-fold in the past three years in the Philippines, one of only seven countries worldwide where overall infections continue to climb, according to the government. While […]

Women's Health: The Bill that Can Save Filipinas' Lives

This article was originally published in Women’s Health Magazine September 2010 issue. Eleven Filipinas die every day due to childbirth complications. The country’s population expands at a rate that is unsustainable for its limited resources, exacerbating poverty. Hopes are high for the passage of the Reproductive Health bill that can save mothers’ lives and jumpstart […]

IRIN News: Superstition Undermines Maternal Health

This article originally published in IRIN News MALABON, 20 September 2010 (IRIN) – Ophelia has never had any formal training but has been delivering babies since she was 19. Now 52, she believes her years of experience qualify her to handle even emergency cases, including excessive bleeding and breach pregnancies. “To stop bleeding, I pull […]

The Manila Times: Motherhood, The Great Divide

They say that mother is one of the world’s greatest equalizers that bind women together regardless of race, culture or social status. In a lot of ways, that is true, what mother doesn’t love her child? The urge to nurture, care for and protect one’s offspring is so ingrained in us that it is quite simply put—instinctive.

IRIN News: Philippines: Empowering Mid-Wives

This article was originally published on the IRIN News website. PHILIPPINES: Empowering midwives to curb maternal deaths Photo: Courtesy of UNFPA Philippines Midwives play a crucial role in rural parts of the country MANILA,, 26 May 2010 (IRIN) – Giving midwives access to further training in life-saving skills could prevent up to 80 percent of […]

Female Network: How to pick the right OB-GYN for you

This article was posted on femalenetwork.com in May 2010 Is she non-judgmental, patient enough to explain jargon, and accessible at all times? Consult FN’s checklist of questions. By Ana Santos Most women spend more time picking out a hairstylist than an OB-GYN, or so goes the complaint of many doctors. Perhaps it’s because with a […]