[DASH of SAS] Not a slut, not a saint

‘Being who we are can never be used as a cause or justification for rape’ Rape is rape. And it can happen to anyone – be they a slut or a saint. It wasn’t even supposed to be a “date-date,” was how Sophia (not her real name) began to recount her story. It was 8 […]

Making peace with Paris

What’s it like to visit a place where you’re haunted by painful memories? ‘I was afraid that a visit to the world’s capital of romance would rekindle my own heartbreak,’ writes Ana Santos. I was maybe 22 when I first started what I called “My Paris Fund.” I put in every peso, every centavo I […]

Take It Out of the Bedroom:10 Sex Hotspots at Home

By Ana Santos There’s just something irrefutably naughty about doing it outside the bedroom. Variety is the spice of life. Every couple knows that you have to turn things upside down every once in a while to keep things happy and humpin’ in the bedroom. Your man might have a fantasy that he’s been longing to […]

Cheating Hearts

by Ana P. Santos There are many stories about it and recently, more than one movie (with the same actors appearing in it. We might add). Do Filipino men simply have cheating hearts and is the Filipina destined to be a martyr who will stand by her man? Ana P. Santos checks what’s in between […]

The vibrator: A girl’s ‘bed friend’

by Ana P. Santos SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA – From generation to generation, there has probably been no other sex toy that so captured a woman’s ahem, heart, and occupied such a prime space in her bedside table than the vibrator. The girls from “Sex and the City” knew it (Charlotte York practically made the […]

[Dash of SAS] Sex on display: The Museum of Sex

By Ana P. Santos New York, USA – The sign at the exhibit entrance reads: “Please do not touch, lick or mount any of the exhibits.” It sounds like a wildly presumptuous assumption to make, but here at the Museum of Sex, it serves as both forewarning and welcome. From the swanky gray building swathed […]

Woman on Top and Other Take-Charge Sex Moves

By Ana Santos So you’ve thought about initiating sex, but you’re just not sure if you should. Here are some tips on taking charge in the bedroom. Want to initiate sex, but not sure how? You might even be downright afraid to try for fear of rejection. There are a number of reasons why women are […]

Female Network: FAQS on Sex during pregnancy

This article was posted on femalenetwork.com in May 2010 on SAS FN clears up the whats, whens, and hows of having sex while you’re pregnant in this Q & A. By Ana Santos Many joke that the best part about having sex during pregnancy is that you’re perfectly safe—that is to say, you’re not likely […]

Female Network: How to pick the right OB-GYN for you

This article was posted on femalenetwork.com in May 2010 Is she non-judgmental, patient enough to explain jargon, and accessible at all times? Consult FN’s checklist of questions. By Ana Santos Most women spend more time picking out a hairstylist than an OB-GYN, or so goes the complaint of many doctors. Perhaps it’s because with a […]