PHILIPPINES: Steep rise in gender-based violence

This article was originally published in the IRIN News website. MANILA, 30 May 2012 (IRIN) – Authorities in the Philippines are reporting a sharp uptick in the number of gender-based violence cases over the last five years. “From 2006 to the present, there has been a constant increase,” Senior Superintendent Theresa Ann Cid, of the Philippine […]

Metro Magazine Empowered Filipinas

This article was originally published in Metro Magazine June 2010 issue. Suzan, a stay at home mom based in the Gulf, says that after making small talk at a party, a man propositioned her thinking she was for hire. Every Filipina, at some point or another, has been on the receiving end of the stinging […]

IRIN News: Superstition Undermines Maternal Health

This article originally published in IRIN News MALABON, 20 September 2010 (IRIN) – Ophelia has never had any formal training but has been delivering babies since she was 19. Now 52, she believes her years of experience qualify her to handle even emergency cases, including excessive bleeding and breach pregnancies. “To stop bleeding, I pull […]

IRIN News: Philippines: Empowering Mid-Wives

This article was originally published on the IRIN News website. PHILIPPINES: Empowering midwives to curb maternal deaths Photo: Courtesy of UNFPA Philippines Midwives play a crucial role in rural parts of the country MANILA,, 26 May 2010 (IRIN) – Giving midwives access to further training in life-saving skills could prevent up to 80 percent of […]

Smart Brow Shaping

“Good grooming is so important. First impressions last and at the on-set, you cannot initially tell if someone is a kind person for sure, right? So the next best thing is to be properly groomed at all times. And this includes eyebrows,” Abad quips.

Female Network: Summer Makeup Tips

With summer heat melting the color off our faces, it’s important to use products that counteract the effects of heat, rather than succumb to them. By Ana Santos (This article was published on March 2010) Summer is great for sleeveless tops, flowy skirts, and sandals—but not always for your face. Going outdoors and hitting […]

The Manila Times: The Love Glove

The Manila Times, 06 March 2010 — My work as a sex and relationship columnist/sexual health advocate, naturally requires me to get acquainted with condoms. Over the years, there have been many encounters with the love glove, and before you start drawing your own conclusions, I should tell you that my intimate moments with the […]

Metro March 2010: TransPinay

The struggle for Dee Mendoza to prove herself at work was a difficult one, not for reasons of capability, but because of the way she chose to express and  affirm her gender. Mendoza talks intimately about being a transsexual woman; her discoveries and her struggles that ultimately led to her emancipation.  Clothes may make a […]