The Last Country in the World Where Divorce Is Illegal

elcome to the Philippines, home to philandering politicians, millions of “illegitimate” children, and marital laws that make Italy look liberal. NILA, Philippines — On the occasion of his 84th birthday in 2011, friends of former Filipino Senator Ramon Revilla, a darkly handsome film star turned politician, unveiled an imposing 10-meter-high bronze statue in his honor. […]

Philippine fishermen need support after Typhoon Haiyan

CAPIZ, 2 January 2014 (IRIN) – Authorities in the Philippines want to accelerate rehabilitation efforts for fishermen hit by Typhoon Haiyan to get the industry up and running as soon as possible. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) says 146,748 fishermen and 21 of the country’s 72 fishing provinces were affected by the storm. […]

[Dash of SAS] Sex at the drop of a tweet or a like

BY ANA P. SANTOS My friend inspected the inside of the men’s room, held the door open for us and then took his place standing guard by the door. “Ok, no one’s in there. You can go in,” he whispered urgently. “Check out the back of the door of the last cubicle.” My other (girl) friend […]

PHILIPPINES: Steep rise in gender-based violence

This article was originally published in the IRIN News website. MANILA, 30 May 2012 (IRIN) – Authorities in the Philippines are reporting a sharp uptick in the number of gender-based violence cases over the last five years. “From 2006 to the present, there has been a constant increase,” Senior Superintendent Theresa Ann Cid, of the Philippine […]

So You’re a Solo Mom–Now What? 7 Coping Strategies

This article was originally published in Ana Santos, the author of Happy Even After: A Solo Mom’s Journal, shares tips for any mom struggling to cope with a newly solo status. By Ana Santos Life happens to the best of us. Sometimes having children doesn’t come with a co-parent either by choice (separation or abandonment) or by […]

Dying to be thin

This article was originally published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer  on June 8, 2011. Her breasts were full and her derriere, as the French would call it, was shapely. “So we all want to be svelte. Losing weight the wrong way, however, could mean losing your hair, developing bad skin, getting nasty, and even jeopardizing your […]